Skyline Ranch barn

Our Mission Our History

Here at Skyline Harvest, we understand that an embodied spirituality, rooted in the Earth, and dedicated to healing the split between body and soul, spirit and matter, human and divine, is integral to the great work being called forth by our time. We want to participate in bringing this emerging spirituality to birth.

Skyline Harvest is a  501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization.

We invite you to join us at our Eco-contemplative Retreat Center, located on 200 acres of forestland in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Here we provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for trainings and workshops, and for spiritual practice, extended meditation and creative exploration.

We practice awareness of the sacred, within ourselves, our human community and the other-than-human world we share. We generate our own mini-hydro power, garden organically and raise endangered livestock breeds as a contribution to the need for safeguarding genetic diversity throughout our life-systems.  We engage with the local community to support sustainable practices and to promote the transformation of consciousness to which Skyline Harvest has committed itself.

Alongside our work against this open horizon, we run the Lioness Tale Prison Project, a project that supports incarcerated women in the process of awakening the liberating spirit within. Through sponsored programs in California prisons, we enact our commitment to honoring the interrelatedness of us all with each other, and with all of life.